Deceit... Betrayal... Lies... Things you don't need in your relationship.

"Coaching You How to Perform Your Own Mate Check"

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that will change your Relationship in 60 days. is an affordable, discreet, professional service that will aid you in protecting the investment of your heart, money, future, business interests, property, and reputation.


Our services are designed to help both women and men in their quest for the truth about their present or prospective mate, significant other, or partner, so that they can make better life decisions regarding their personal relationships.

Recent changes in state and federal relationship and family law, domestic violence statutes, child custody and support, and co-parenting legislation have heightened the importance of properly selecting individual legal support services for both men and women.

At, background research and case preparations involving these highly sensitive areas are tailored for our clients. Our staff of researchers and legal secretaries have worked with family law matters for many years and have built up acknowledged expertise. We provide sensitive and experienced work in circumstances which can be fraught with emotion and may involve bitterness -- such as divorces, partner break-ups, separations, or child-support or child-custody cases.


We offer background reports, based not only on each case's individual legal implications, but also on the practical consequences of the breakdown of the relationship. While there are cases where an aggressive approach by litigation might be necessary, in many cases conciliation and mediation are more appropriate. can put you in touch with support services that may be able to help you through the rocky periods of your relationships.


Our mission is to help our male and female clients quiet that little voice inside their head and ease that gut feeling that is telling them something is just not right about their current or prospective mate, partner, or significant other.




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Individuals involved in Mate Checks are not Physicians or Attorneys.